Just to be safe

By Saturday, River had yet to poop. I always take no poop after diarrhea as a good sign. Unfortunately, when she did poop Saturday afternoon, it was more diarrhea. The chicken and rice wasn’t doing the trick.

Why do these things always happen on weekends?

I debated about taking her to the emergency vet. It wasn’t a real emergency, but I wasn’t comfortable waiting until Monday. So I packed River in the truck and off we went.

I learned an important lesson at the emergency vet: River has no manners. She barked at everyone.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_e633The usual scenario is an assistant comes to get your dog and a brief history of the problem. She takes your dog so the vet can do an exam. Eventually, they put you in a room and the vet comes and discusses what she found out. You typically don’t get your dog back until discharge time.

River’s experience was a bit different. They brought her back to me when they put me in a room. When I was talking to the vet, she made a comment about her “being so healthy, she didn’t need to stay in the back to wait to leave.” I know the truth – she was way too energetic and unmannered. I even heard her barking up a storm while I waited. At least they were nice about it.

Anyways, the vet agreed I was doing everything right and so far there was no cause for concern. She did give me a round of metronidazole, which has worked wonders for my dogs in the past. I was glad I decided to take River in. The medicine, along with the bland diet, should help her feel better soon.

River, on the other hand had other ideas. The next day, she got into the trash. So much for sticking with a bland diet.


3 thoughts on “Just to be safe

    1. She seems to be feeling better. The metronidazole seems to be finally kicking in. And, after another trip to the vet during one of Bear’s laser sessions, we picked up some probiotics. Those seem to be doing the trick. (I say this – hoping she won’t suddenly have a set back)

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