While we are here…

By Monday afternoon, River’s diarrhea was still around. I brought her to work in case it kicked in, and after three quick trips outside I knew bringing her along to work was the right decision. A quick call to the vet, and she had an appointment set up the next day at the same time as Bear’s normally scheduled laser treatment. After all, if I was going to be there with Bear, having River checked out again was really easy and seemed like a good precaution.

Bear’s normal laser treatment session started normal – meaning he got to go for a car ride. Everything else was not normal.

River was there. He was not thrilled. I’m sure he treasured his time alone from her. He did not seem pleased that she was following him and ruining his usually calm, relaxed routine.

When we got to the vet’s office, the vet tech quickly ushered us into a room. She had picked up on the fact another client was anxious around the dogs. This only reminded me why I love this vet office. I didn’t even remotely mind. Plus, while we waited, Bear walked up on a scale and voluntarily weighed himself. He’s about 43 pounds now.

River waiting for her test results.

It wasn’t long before Bear was taken for his laser and River got checked out. Dr A did a great job getting the history of what’s been on going for the past week. She was a bit more concerned about the trash River ate than the emergency vet was, but overall decided more time was needed for River to resolve her issues. The odd thing was River’s poop sample.  It had no bacteria in it – no good or bad bacteria. None. So, she loaded us up with probiotics to get River’s gut going again.

Hopefully, with the continued chicken and rice along with probiotics River will be back to normal soon.


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