Center Court Lunch

When it was warm outside, Bear had no trouble joining me for lunch at our local Chipotle – they have outdoor seating. But once it got cold, we resorted to getting our food to go and eating it in “Center Court”.

What’s “Center Court”? At my company, it is this awesome place to just chill. Lots of tables and areas to socialize with co-workers.

To River – it is scary.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_e4e1To Bear – it is a very empty place.

These days, he joins us as we eat lunch at one of the booths. And, sometimes, he sits quietly watching us, hoping we’ll toss him a scrap.

Other times, he is sniffing around all the other tables. Or saying hi to everyone else to see if they want to share their lunch.

Unlike River, these floors don’t scare him.




Shelter from the 70s

I realize it has been awhile since River has had the spotlight.

She realizes this too.

So, here is a “Where’s River?” picture:


More often than not, when I can’t find River, she is hiding in the “Junk Room”. Admit it – you have one too – the room where you just put stuff in until you can’t even walk in yourself.

River LOVES this room. She routinely finds shelter in it – usually behind the rocking chair straight out of the 70s.


Just to see

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_e445Bear now accompanies me to work on random days. Always on his vet appointment days. And usually one other day of the week – typically Tuesday.

He likes it.

And my co-workers all seem to like it.

In fact, today, a co-worker, Leo, stopped by pretty early, just to say hi to Bear.

“I walk by everyday, just to see if he’s here,” he said.

Bear – bringing happiness to everyone.

Fridays = Puppy days

Last Friday was a bit rough for some co-workers. So, I brought Bear to help ease the pain of the day.

Then Evie showed up.

Let’s just say, fun was had by all.

(Seriously – I think senior Bear really likes this puppy).

I’m a believer

It’s been awhile since I updated on Bear’s progress.

As a reminder, back in October, he could barely walk. He was walking on his knuckles, stumbling and falling over. Overall, he was extremely wobbly.

After a month of treatment, I posted about his progress and my conclusions about the treatments he was undergoing.

Here we are, 5 months after he started treatment. How is he doing? Better than he’s been in a long time.

He actively runs around and jumps up when he gets excited.

He fights off River when she tries to pummel him.

He bounds up the deck steps, two at a time.

He trots up a full flight of stairs, trying to race me up them.

He is feeling so good, that at this week’s laser treatment, the vet tech told me he didn’t want to sit still, he wanted to explore.

I’m amazed at his progress. I routinely sit back and watch him as he runs arounds – appreciating how special it is.

So, 5 months later, what do I think helped him most? Well, he hasn’t had an Adequan injection since November. And he is back on Novox instead of Prednisone. But we’ve been keeping up with his laser treatments. Once a week, we visit the vet and he gets his treatment.

Bear – enjoying the great outdoors. He would spend hours in that spot just watching the world if he could.

I don’t understand it, and I had my doubts it was doing anything. But my dog can walk, and run, and jump, and he looks happy. It is doing a pure miracle to make my old dog feel young again.

Best spot on the couch – or not

Twelve years after I bought my first couch, it finally wore out and I upgraded. I got a nice sectional leather couch. Josie found her spot easily on the new couch – usually next to me.

Bear was different. He was never much of a couch dog, so he never had a regular spot. But one day he was a bit adventurous. He picked a spot and stuck with it – no matter how uncomfortable it looked.


Puppy Fever

Seems to be puppy fever at the office. Shortly after Bear met Lulu, he met Evie.


Turns out, Evie is the same age as Lulu. Amazing the difference breed makes.

Bear and her had a good sniff session. Lots of sniffing.


She’s come back to the office for more visits. So far, she enjoys the antler. It seems to be popular among the dogs.


Some folks adopt tiny pups, some medium and some large. And every now and then, you met someone who goes all out and adopts a pup that will grow and grow and grow.

Meet Lulu, a 10 week old Great Pyrenees:


Bear was the first non-related dog she met. Needless to say, she was a bit scared at first (he’s so scary). But, she soon realized he was harmless.

Bear was kind enough to share his antler with her.


Although he had his doubts, it did seem to help.


It wasn’t long before she warmed up to him.


After a bit, we decided these two needed to pull their weight at the office. We decided to see how well they worked together. Needless to say, they are now “Willy” and “Nilly” at getting stuff done.

Finally – Proof!

I finally have it: proof River is influencing Bear.

At first, Bear just looked comfortable.


But something seemed off.

I took a step back to see if anything stuck out.


At first, I missed it.

Then I noticed.

He’s sleeping just like River.